This site gathers data about stocks or cryptocurrencies being discussed about online. By no means, it is an advice to invest in these stocks ! Example: the following sentences may contribute to large occurences of ReturdCoin (a coin I just made up for the sake of the example, I don’t know if it exists, I hope it doesn’t but you know the internet…):

omagad RETURDCOIN is going to the moon

Or posts may look like:

oh no, I put all my savings and mortgaged my kids and now RETURDCOIN is going to the basement I am gonna be POOR

Instead, when doing some due diligence on a stock, or looking for an explanation for a sudden move, use the data provided here to see where it is being discussed.

A simple rule about investment is “do not trust strangers on the internet”. Obviously, it applies here.

Put another way, do not use this site for your investment decisions!